About the Show

What do eggs, Wendy’s baked potatoes, kale, Mr. T., Crush the turtle, Uma Thurman, infertility, ayahuasca and frozen dog testicles have in common? Come to ONE GOOD EGG, a story of one woman’s resilience through the absurdities of loss and the twists and turns of life, and find out!  
ONE GOOD EGG is a quirky, powerful, poignant and inspiring scavenger hunt to find home, love, family and meaning.
It will crack you up and crack you open. 
The 75-minute show is performed without an intermission.

Photos by David Bazemore

History of the Show

For Elaine Gale, what has become ONE GOOD EGG: A Bold, Brave and Funny Solo Show, began with writing a memoir, grew with live storytelling opportunities, and blended with a desire to be more vulnerable with her audience and discuss deeper issues that may normally be silenced.

“I was doing stand-up comedy, but I really wanted to tell a longer story and include more of the narrative arc, more of the highs and the lows,” Elaine said. “I wanted to risk more emotionally for this show than I have before onstage as an artist and be more vulnerable. I hope the show helps people laugh and cry and feel more alive.”

ONE GOOD EGG first hatched as a series of sold-out workshop performances. First, Elaine performed a sold-out solo show at Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles, then a sold-out show at Lisa’s Hearth in Oakland and another sold-out show at the Brickhouse in Sacramento.

Taking it to the next level, Elaine worked with Director Rod Lathim (https://www.rodlathim.com) to create a fully staged show, with the help of co-chairs Monica Lenches, Elaine Kitagawa, Stage Manager Katie Williams and Scenic and Lighting Designer Pat L. Frank. The world premiere of ONE GOOD EGG in Santa Barbara at Center Stage Theater opened in May of 2017 with four sold-out shows and a opening night benefit that raised $10,000 for Hospice of Santa Barbara and Direct Relief.

The success of the show and Elaine Gale’s commitment to talk about what others will not talk about gives the show momentum to grow and travel the country.

“I am bowled over and speechless at the fearless, beautiful and bold story.”
Kristin R.
“I want you all to know that this show was amazing—so professional! —easily as amazing as a Mike Birbiglia or other skilled one person show genius out there today. The crowd, laughed, cried, clapped, howled, sang, wolf whistled! DURING the show!”
Vanja T.
“Incredible!! I’m still beaming from it. Elaine, wow!!! Just wow. You rippled tremors of love & healing through the entire planet!”
Annie F.